It is Five Years the Teenage Sisters Shot Dead for Reading the Bible



Picture above: Dead bodies of Arifa and Akhtar.

It is over five years the  two teenage sisters named Arifa, 17, and Akhtar, 19, were kidnapped and gunned down by “Lashkar-e-Taiba”, a Pakistan based Islamic militant terrorist group in in Indian-controlled northern Kashmir, bordering Pakistan.

The victims were the daughters of Gulam Nabi Dar, who was working as a salesman of a government ration shop.

The girls were illiterates, but doing embroidery works as well as attending classes to learn read and write in an adult education center which was run by an underground ministries of the “Bibles for Mideast (”. Though they were Muslims, they believed in Jesus Christ and attend prayer services and began to read the New Testament.

Once, Pastor Paul, who is the Director of Bibles for Mideast and also a converted Christian from Islam shared his testimony along with the message of the gospel in that small community. After the message  Arifa and Akhtar together read Isaiah Chapter 53 and declared their faith in Jesus Christ and accepted Him  as their Savior and Lord.

The very next day evening they were shot dead after abduction by at least three gunmen.

Certainly,  the militants might have come to know about the underground ministries and the girls’ involvement in its activities.

Militants barged into the house and forcibly took the girls, Their bullet riddled bodies were later found some distance away from their home. One of them was shot in the left eye.

Police sources said that the gunmen managed to escape under the cover of darkness.

The teenagers family was living in two rooms and their father was not yet reached back home from his work place.


Picture: Arifa and Akhtar.

At time of incident there were two other women, both aunts of Arifa and Akhtar in the house, besides a young girl, and a relative who had come to visit the family. The women raised an alarm and ran after the gunmen, but stopped following threats from the gunmen. Their elder brother was living with his maternal uncles house at another village while as their younger brother was at home when they were abducted and brutally murdered.

“One of the gunmen was covered his face by a black muffler. Only his eyes were visible. Two others followed him. They were speaking Urdu. One spoke a few words in Kashmiri,” said their younger brother Gulam Jeelani.

After this incident, local missionary Pastor Idris and his assistant were attacked with steel pipes. Pastor’s legs were broken.  Pastor Paul and family also threatened to kill and brutally attacked three times.

Lashkar-e-Taiba, or the ‘Army of the Righteous’, seeks to introduce an Islamic state in South Asia and to “liberate” Muslims in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

India has identified the group as the alleged masterminds behind the 2008 terror attack on the Indian financial capital of Mumbai that killed 166 people.

Snake Goddess Transforms Tongue of the Word of God


Picture above: Girl feeding snake held sacred.


She is known as “Nagamma” which means snake mother. She was a well known sorcerer of her native in South Asia. People in the community used to worship her as a snake goddess, brought her offerings, and prostrated themselves before her. But a powerful encounter with Jesus in a dream turned her away from black magic to follow the living, true God.  Now her name is Maria (Mary).

Here is her own words, “My father was a wizard of leadership among our people. He practiced black magic. My family is part of the Hindu Dalit class on the lowest rung of the society, sometimes known as untouchable.

I loved many idols and practiced witchcraft under the direction of my father. The Snakes were my favorite gods. As a child I fed the local snakes, carrying milk to the edge of their snake holes.

We had many idols of serpents in a special temple dedicated to snakes in my community. They were located under a fig tree.

snake  snake1

Pictures:  Worshiping snake gods.

When I was 12 years old, a snake raised its head and bit me as I tried to feed it with milk. My parents took me to the local doctor (not a medical practitioner), but he was not fully able to remove the poison of the serpent from my body.

After three days my condition has improved, but the unusual side effects remained. I had a total change in my body and mind. My color has also changed as blue. I started acting like a snake. I always wanted to stay and sit in the temple of snakes. Then my people regarded me as the goddess snake. My father was the one who first announced that I was the snake goddess.

People in the surrounding area began to bring milk, fruits and flowers for me as offerings and fell down before me on the floor. They wanted to get a touch with my pretense of being blessed. They even gave their money offers.

As word spread about the goddess snake became famous throughout the region.

I asked if I could visit their homes. They asked their black magic spells to bring blessings on them and destroying their enemies. My parents made money with it.

Some missionaries of Bibles for Mideast ( have biblical brochures for our family and talked about Jesus Christ, but my father confronted the men telling them that I was a goddess and they should follow me, instead of Jesus.

In the year 2013 I perform black magic in the house of a family with a small child, when something unusual happened. Satan instructed me that there was a golden treasure in that house and I should sacrifice the child of less than three months old to find the treasure.

However, there followed a spiritual battle for the life of that child. As the supernatural war raged around her, suddenly it became troubled and I was very perturbed. I could not complete the black magic then out of that house.

When I sleep at night I had a remarkable dream.

A white and handsome man came to me and sat beside me. I noticed my room filled with full of light and no darkness at all. The man showed me his hands. His hands were with brands as if they were injured by nails, bearing the marks of crucifixion.

He told me: “My daughter, you are dear to me. I am your Lord and God. I give the treasure of peace and eternal life. I am the door”. He continued, “Those who come to me will be saved; they will go in and out and will find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that you might have life -. Life in all its fullness”.

Nagamma recognized the man in her dream as Jesus Christ! Overwhelmed with emotion, she knelt before Him and accepted Him as her personal Savior and Lord.


Picture: Nagamma, now called Maria (left) receiving the Bible.

In the days that followed, I changed my heart led to bold actions. I myself broke all the idols and temple of snakes. My parents and those who believed in me did not like it. They told me I was mad. They tied me to a tree and beat me. Many other persecutions I faced. But I did not lose my faith in Jesus and wanted to enter into the fold of Jesus Christ through baptism”..

Nagamma personally requested Pastor Paul of Bibles for Mideast and his gospel team for the baptism.  She herself chosen a new name “Maria” as her baptismal name. The Lord has anointed her by the Holy Spirit. Her family, her parents and brothers now believing Jesus Christ and they made a prayer tent for worshiping Jesus Christ at the same place where they were having serpent’s temple.  He is using her as a good weapon for the salvation of many people in their region through “Bibles for Mideast”.

Jesus Not Allowed That Ethist Go To Hell With Two Eyes



Picture above:  Sapru showing his removed eyes.

I am Sapru, 48 years of age and was born and brought up in South Asia. I was an ethist and became a strong communist. I never believed in Jesus Christ or Christian religion. I had so many friends and most of them were alcoholic. Slowly I too became an addict of alcohol. I was a taxi driver too.

My wife’s name is Blessey. She was a prayer woman, meditating Bible every day, but without my knowledge. If I would have seen that she is praying or reading the Bible, I would not let her allow to do it. She holds the promises of God and regularly praying for my repentance.

Once, I was fully alcoholic, quarreled with my wife and severely beaten her and took my taxi car and left home. On the way I had an accident. My taxi hit with a truck and I was seriously injured and hospitalized. My left eyes came out and totally destroyed. I saw death face to face.

When my wife Blessey heard the news of the accident, she rushed to the hospital with some missionaries, led by Pastor Paul of Bibles for Mideast ( They knelt down before Lord Jesus in the hospital chapel. My wife read the Bible and cried before the Lord for me. She asked God to give my life back as a new creation.

While the surgery was going on, my soul was wandering to get a seat in heaven. The angels did not allow me to enter into the heaven but pushed me to the hell. But Jesus did not allow me to be fallen to the hell, but hold me in His mighty nailed hands safely because of my wife’s intercession. Lord showed me that my wife and prayer team kneeling down and praying for me with tears. And Lord said to me, “Go; be saved and baptized and live for me with your family”.

During this time, few seconds my pulse and heart showed no response at the operation theater. Doctor’s thought of declaring my death. But after a few seconds I started breathing. So doctors said, “Thank God; now he is alright”. Truly when Jesus allowed my soul to go back to the body, I started breathing. Before that my death was happened. While this time I heard my Lord’s voice again, “It is better for you to lose an eye than to have your both eyes thrown into the hell. Let it be a testimony of yours for witnessing me”.

I recovered, but my left eye has been totally removed. I don’t worry about it, because Lord wants me to be with Him in heaven without an eye. He loved me, so that He did not allow me to go to hell with both eyes. Praise the Lord for HIS wonderful love.

I confessed from all of my sins, accepted Lord Jesus as my personal savior and Lord and within few days I was baptized in the water and witnessing Lord Jesus Christ with Bibles for Mideast along with my family.

Though I have only one eye, I can easily drive the car now. My boss, a believer in Jesus gave me a car to drive for him.

I have two sons. I am so happy to see them rejoicing in the Lord because of my conversion and activities on ministries..

Hindu Woman Monk Becomes Bride of Jesus

chandra devi

Picture: Chandra Devi with the Bible


Chandra Devi was a Hindu woman monk. (Chandra Devi means “goddess of moon”). Her original name was Chandrika.

Chandrika was one of the leaders of singing Hindu devoted songs (bhajan) in temples since childhood.

At the age of 17 she saw the Lord Sun in her bedroom and called to follow him. From that day onwards she became more devote of Hindu deities, poojas and other traditions. Slowly she became a monk and made her home as her monastery. She herself declared that she is Chandra Devi (goddess of Moon), the wife of the Lord Sun.

Once she happened to meet some evangelists of Pastor Paul’s Mission (presently “Bibles for Mideast”) and she had an argument with them. She did not deny Jesus, but her argument was Jesus is one among many thousands of gods; but not a savior.

Evangelists shared the Gospel and said thoroughly that Jesus is the only person who came down from heaven to earth and saved all the mankind from sin and death through the crucifixion of the cross on Calvary and risen from the dead. Those who believe in Him will be saved and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But she did not listen them at all.

At the age of 33 she again saw a vision about heaven and Lord Jesus sitting on the throne like thousands and ten thousands of suns shining together. She saw Jesus as Bridegroom and His church as ever beautiful Bride sitting at His right and worshipping Him with a great joy. She had never seen such a joy.

And again Chandra Devi saw that an angel came to her and said that when you were young, Jesus  was the one appeared unto you and called you to be His bride. He is the Sun of Righteousness and you are His bride.

She believed in Jesus and next day itself she attended Pastor Paul’s gospel crusade and asked him a Bible for her. Few days later, she received water baptism and Lord Himself anointed her with the Holy Spirit.

She is conveying Gospel to many unsaved people through Bibles for Mideast.

Terrorists who abducted Catholic Priest Tom Uzhunnalil arrested



Picture: Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil (left) and the attacked old age home (right)


Three terrorists, who belong to the gang that abducted Indian priest Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil  and killed 16 people at an old-age home of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Aden in Yemen, have been reportedly arrested in the war-torn nation.

Fr. Tom is an Indian salesian missionary priest of the catholic church.

The external affairs ministry in India has confirmed the arrest of militants, Bibles for Mideast missionaries reported today, on Friday, 29 July.  However, it is still not known where the priest is and when he can be safely brought back to India.

The terrorists were caught from Saila near Aden in Yemen. The arrested terrorists reportedly said that they belong to Al-Qaeda.  It was earlier said that they belonged to ISIS, but this has not been confirmed.

It was on 4th of March that armed terrorists barged into an old-age home run by Missionaries of Charity at Aden in Yemen and shot dead 16 people, including four Indian nuns. These militants later whisked away Fr.Tom Uzhunnalil and they said they would crucify him on good Friday. Later external affairs ministry said he was safe.

The gang, which announced that they were behind the attack, did not reveal any details about Fr. Tom. His whereabouts is still not clear.

The terrorists had recently posted the pictures of Fr. Tom on his facebook account. Actually do not exactly know whether it was fake or true. Also do not know how Fr. Tom’s facebook account leaked.

Muslim Father Killed Daughter; Jesus Raised Her from the Dead

muslim woman reading Bible


I was born in an orthodox and fanatic Muslim family in the Muslim month of Ramzan in a Middle East Kingdom. So my parents named me Ramza. Now I have been born again by accepting Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior  and became as a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

I was a religious girl from my childhood. I was always in front of the line for the Islamic practices for reciting Koran, doing namaz five times a day, and fasting on the month of Ramzan. Also I always kept its tradition of wearing the clothe “abaya” with full head and face covering.

My family was a big one with a father, three mothers and thirteen children including myself. My father has a huge income from  several trading and contracting agencies for sponsoring them as a local Arab.

I completed school education.  One of my friends who studied with me in the school tried to convey me the message of Jesus Christ, who was crucified, died and resurrected. She gave me a sample gospel too. She was the daughter of a Pastor, who is ministering with “Bibles for Mideast”. But I never accepted her message and arguments.

After my school education,  my father wanted to get me married with an old and rich man, who already has three wives and several children. I suppose I would be younger than his youngest child.

One evening I went to meet my father in his room. He was talking with one of my step mothers. I plead them not to arrange my marriage now, but send me further studies. My father denied my request..  I argued with him, for I was unable to imagine such a marriage. He did not listen me at all. Finally I said I will be leaving away from home before the marriage.

My father became angry for what I said and argued with him. Suddenly he  took a chair and hit on my head with its legs. Because of his brutal attack, my scull has broken. My father and step mother understood I was killed.

Their criminal mind woke up. They did not make known my death to others. They tied my dead body  into a plastic sack, took it by car to a far distance through the dessert and thrown it into a deep well in a dates plantation. The well had no water. (My other family members might have thought that I left  home because of the uninteresting of the marriage).

When my body was thrown to the well, I saw that my soul was going into the hell  through a terrible darkness. I was badly desired to get a drop of water for my deep thirst. I knew my soul was wandering not for the earthly water, but for the water of life, which is the Word of God. I saw the gospel, given by my school friend in front of me. It made me some consolation. I tried to catch it; but my hands could not touch on it. The gospel directed my soul to an amazing garden.

There was a strong, healthy and beautiful man standing inside the well. He catches the sack of my dead body in His hands. He untied the sack. He rubbed my head and body. I opened my eyes like waking up from a dream. I saw nailed marks in His hands.  He was my Lord Jesus. He carried me in his hands and brought me out of the well.  He said to me, “I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall be live (John 11:25).”

I prostrate before Him. I said with tears of joy, “Lord Jesus, you’are my Lord and Savior. You have crucified and died for me. You are risen indeed. I am yours. I believe in you”.

I raised my head and looked unto Him. But there was nobody. He was disappeared.

I didn’t know what to do. But I was so happy. I was praising and thanking Lord Jesus. Within few minutes, a husband and wife from “Bibles for Mideast” came to me. They introduced that  they are Christians and Lord Jesus guided them to me. I shared my experiences to them. They gave me a Bible and brought me to a house where five women laborers of an agricultural and cattle farm staying together.

woman labour1

They are born again women. I stay with them.  They teach me more about the Word of God and we worship Jesus together in our house church.  And also I am going with them in the farm  as a laborer as well as ministering for the Lord. I don’t want go back to my parents unless they accept Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for my family members, relatives and all the people of Middle East to be saved.

Update on 18 were Baptized in the Mideast



July 18, 2016:   Yesterday evening itself we, the gospel team of “Bibles for Mideast” left the house where we stayed by the help of a believer and reached a new place which is far away from there. We instructed the believers and the voluntary ministers to conduct regular services and undertake further ministries over there. We promised that by God’s grace we would go there to do follow up ministries often and whenever they need our helps. Pray for them please.

Just an hour ago we heard the shocking news that some fanatics under a religious leader came to that house with bombs and guns at late night (before the dawn today), broke the door by gun shot and entered inside to kill everybody at the house. But they found nobody inside. So they destroyed the house with great anger and violence.

We praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ to care His servants as the hen protecting chicks with its wings. We praise and thank our Lord for His unspeakable gifts and mighty protection (2 Cor 9:15). We praise and thank our Lord for not being ashamed us before the gentiles and scoffers.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits; Who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles” (Ps 103: 1-5).

We are in a new area. Pray for us and the people of this place and surrounding places to experience the salvation of Jesus Christ by God’s grace and God’s protection.

Original story: 18 were Baptized in the Mideast